Battle for The Ratings Heats Up for 2014

01/30/2014 Adrenalin Advertising

After a long hot summer, the battle between the networks is beginning to heat up. Overall last year saw channel 9 just pip 7 in the ratings war & with the 1st rating period only a few weeks away everyone wants to start the year well and different ploys have been implemented to try and capture some extra audiences!

Channel 10 launched The Biggest Loser a week early to try engage some extra viewers in hope they will capture extra numbers. Channel 10 also ran its new morning program ‘wake up’ & ‘Studio 10’ all throughout January to give people the chance to tune in and engage as it was the only morning programming running.

Channel 9 have run their news program over a whole hour period over summer and it will be interesting to see if this will continue during peak periods once the ratings period commences.

Channel 7 have launched arguably their best program of the year, My Kitchen Rules (MKR), and have used the Tennis to advertising and promote the beginning of this. No surprises that in its first night over 1.6 million people nationally tuned in to watch!

Based on the numbers that Channel 7 have had with the Tennis, MKR and the Season beginning of Home & Away, it looks like they are in for a big year!

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